Human Resources Position

To keep our work environment operating efficiently, smoothly, and safely, a Human Resources Director is necessary. Our Human Resources Director works to ensure employee relations and HR policies are managed and maintained effectively. We entrust our Human Resources Director with the admirable responsibility to manage HR at our 3 locations.


  • Exercise counsel and discipline towards employees when necessary

  • Uphold a ‘team’ mentality in order to achieve optimal results within the company

  • Maintain company and employee data by utilizing a filing system

  • Know how to use said filing system to retrieve/update/create records

  • Know how to create/update/suggest HR procedures and policies

  • Exhibit expertise with using a computer to facilitate your work

  • Ensure the company operates within its legal bounds by adhering to state and federal HR requirements

  • Conduct investigations when necessary

  • Help with representation of the company in a legal sense, if necessary

  • Travel occasionally between locations to conduct investigations


  • At least Bachelor's degree with specialty in Human Resources, business administration, or industrial psychology
  • Preferrably at least 3 years of experience in the field of HR
  • Team-oriented mindset
  • Possess a versatile set of supervisory and managerial strengths
  • Proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English language
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with employees, upper management, and customers
  • Grasp new concepts quickly
  • Know how to use a computer efficiently
  • Proficiency in the latest version of Microsoft Office