Thai Starters

EDAMAME                                           4.5

Steamed whole soybean, sprinkled with salt

 6SPRING ROLLS                                     6

Vegetarian favorite with cabbage, thin rice noodles, carrots, and onions

STEAMED DUMPLINGS                           7

Pork, onions, shrimp, and water chestnuts; served with our dumpling sauce

GYOZA                                                    7

Pan-fried dumplings; served with gyoza sauce

CRAB RANGOON                                      7

Cream cheese, carrots, and crab inside crisp wontons; served with sweet & sour sauce

CALAMARI                                                9

Lightly breaded calamari cooked to perfection and served with our sweet & sour sauce

LETTUCE WRAPS                                 9

A combination of ground chicken, shiitake mushrooms, diced water chestnuts, and curry powder; wrapped with fresh, crisp lettuce leaves

SAMPLER PLATTER                                13

Three spring rolls, three steamed dumplings, three crab rangoons, and three gyozas; served with our house sauces

THAI CHICKEN SALAD (LARB)               9

Ground chicken, fragrant lemongrass, roasted rice powder, red onions, mint leaves, roasted Thai chilies, cilantro, and scallions; flavored with lime-based dressing and wrapped with fresh, crisp lettuce leaves

Starters From The Sushi Bar

Seaweed Salad                          5.5

Traditional Japanese seashore-style seaweed salad


TUNA TATAKI                                          10

Thinly sliced and seared tuna garnished with mixed greens, spinach, avocados, and radish; topped with sesame seeds, spicy mayo, and served with ponzu sauce

Sushi Appetizer                                  11

Chef's selection of five pieces of assorted fish on rice balls